Tuesday, December 28, 2010

blogger meet up and asian cuisine

 Blogger Meet Up
on Monday night I met up with some sweet ladies that are part of Meredith's Sweet T Family Blog
We met up at GiGi's at the Galleria.
It was sooo much fun. Meredith was an awesome host and had a little game of White Elephant for us to play and another cute game that had us laughing so hard!!!

Must admit did not really take many photos because conversation was so good and I basically forgot at times. I am hoping Meredith will send out the group picture and I will have to post it. Made some new friends and had a great time!!!!Thanks Dana and Lili you guys were sooo sweet!!!

Tuesday was all about getting back into some sort of a routine. Here's Emmy learning her letters. She is so easy to teach.  Daddy gave us the green light for her to be enrolled in kindergarten in the fall. I'm excited about that HA!!!

Which means this little man will be all alone with MAMA this coming fall.

Soooo Santa delivered this awesome playground for the babes. Yes, it is missing the roof~~it is coming soon Santa was very TIRED!!!

My sweet Albert for those of you that don't know has severe Crohn's disease. He has to have IV infusions of a very expensive but very much needed medication....and so today he went in to have it done and called me and said don't cook dinner PF Chang's it is...

The Curly Girls

Mya always talking and Emmy enjoying her soup!!
Well friends it has been busy but cannot complain. We have been blessed beyond belief. Everyday I thank God for my precious babes, my amazing hubby and my friends and family!!!!Off to deliver them babies tomorrow;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad Castro Style

Christmas Day~~~My sister in law Anita and her sweet kiddos came over to celebrate Christmas with us. My parents and in-laws were also with us. This picture is funny because David was upset and was hiding behind Mya...
Albert cooked the most amazing turkey, ham, and all the dressings sooo yummy!!!

my nephew Lincoln

David still hiding wearing a nice sweater with his pajama pants because that's what he felt like wearing.

My mother in law with her granddaughters~~~~

this is what Santa got me a nice trip to my fav store WHBM got two sweaters and two purses.. Love Santa so much....
Hope you all had an awesome Christmas with your families as for the Castro's we are VERY tired!!!!

Feliz Navidad Aguilar Style

Christmas Eve~~~My sister-in-law Mimi invited my girls over for their traditional Christmas Cookie bake off.

The Little Bakers

they looked so cute

Christmas Eve was at my sweet brother Joe's house. They are awesome hosts and their new house is so beautiful. These are my parents. They are the most humble, kind and hard working people ever. I cannot start to tell you how richly blessed my life has been because of them.  They have never had much but they always make ever occasion as special as they can. Growing up they always made sure we had sooo much food on the table for the holidays and little gifts here and there. It's our tradition to have tamales for the holidays and a good size SPREAD of all sorts of Mexican cuisine and sweets. Things have changed a bit now and yes we have turkey, ham, sometimes chicken it just depends. Something for sure is we never go without having some awesome food and spending quality time together.

Mimi's beautiful decor

Lots of gifts

Forgot to mention Mimi loves to bake.... really really loves to bake. We must of had cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and candies to last until next Christmas!!!!

Sweet Angels they melt me

sooo we played charades.....It was hilarious

All my family trying to guess....

My brother Eli so sweet always a big teddy bear...
and so that was the crazy Aguilar Christmas always fun and entertaining.

Emmy's ice cream birthday

My sweet Emmy Noelle turned 5 on December 22nd and so we always have the big party in January to let everyone including ourselves recover from Christmas. We don't let the day pass with a good size gift and a treat.

She picked ice cream this year and so to BR's we go!!!!

Here are my sweet girls enjoying a dinner at our favorite Jason's Deli.

little man fell asleep and so grilled cheese was to go for him
This was a short and sweet post because I would not let Emmy's birthday be forgotten.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Look who's 5!!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Emmy Noelle
Oh my sweet girl you are 5 today. Where does the time go???Here you are at 3 when it was all about Tinkerbell. We have been sooo blessed to have you mama. God surely smiled on us when he sent you down to us girl. You are funny, cute and oh sooo sassy.

Here you are at my BBF's wedding. You were so excited to be with all your friends.

Here you are with your BFF Belle. You guys were talking like you were 85 year old ladies. Love IT!!

Going to the river!!!

Your sweet sister Mya (the designer in our home) made this outfit. An old Hannah Montana wig+an old pair of her undies=FASHION!!!

I love how you think you live in a PiNk world and how you would skip any meal for something SWEET!!!

Those teeth LOVE them!!!

December 22, 2005 our sweet girl was born. The Crazy Castro's became CrAzIeR!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Polar Express and Santa time~!!~!

Sooo sweet lovelies here is the BIG Polar Express party at my friend Michelle's home. She does this every year since our older kids were babes. She is the hottest hostess with the mostess!!!To open her home to over 50 adults and kiddos every year. REALLY she is a doll. This is my sweet friend Ms. Helen making hot cocoa!!!I love her and her sweet family.

Yup we have reproduced!!!!

Sweet David asking for  Santa to sing a Justin Beiber song!!!He must have older sisters HA!!!

He is such a gem.

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear from Santa, how did he know???

Sweet Emmy all she wants is a puppy, a fake one she says not a REAL one please!!

and there it is a pup

Sweet Mya how I love you so. So shy but sweet all at once. All she wanted was movies!!!

Shhhhh!!!Let's see what she got. Well her favorite movies are in the sweet little blue bag.

Had to post a picture of the famous JM he has been in the same class with Mya since they were 2 years old. Yup we love us some JM. He is sooo sweet and so is his MAMA for having us all over.
And so my friends it was a busy but very fun weekend. So shopping today and planning the BIG Aguilar and Castro shindigz!!!