Sunday, March 25, 2012

A new beginning......PFW, Hunger Games, and what I'm lovin'

 Sweet friends this is probably the most random post ever. Well as you probably heard from me. My L and D unit is moving to a totally new hospital tomorrow. It is soooo exciting. It was stressful but now excitement has set in. Here are some random pics of my work family. The first one is sweet Aimee who is our weekend charge. She totally ROCKS. On the right is Steph one of our sweetest and brightest nurses. I did train her soooo I always say  I made her who she is HA!
 Here on the left  is the one and ONLY Smitty our secretary/comedian. We love her so.
 Here is some more of our awesome staff.
 On Sunday Mya finished the Hunger Games book so for a treat Albert and I went on a morning date to watch the movie and for an awesome lunch with her.
Last but not least this is one of my favorite things right now. Suave Waterless Shampoo. It is totally awesome, you have to try it.  
Wish us luck friends as we move on over to bigger and better things.
St. Luke's its been real but we have to go!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012

So this year we stayed home for Spring Break. It was sooo much fun. We watched lots of late night movies and had many laughs.

I did some Easter decorating around the house and baked a yummy Coconut cake.

The girls made hair pieces at our local Home Depot HA!!

Lots of planting flowers and mulching the yard.

Late night fishing on Thursday~~ arrived at the pier at 8pm and left there at 4 in the morning. Yes they all stayed up.

Emmy's first ever catch.

Mya always gets oh very lucky she caught about four that night.

On Saturdday we celebrated my niece Leah and nephew Lincoln. It was soooo much fun!!

Also on Saturday we went to my niece Monica's baby shower. It was so much fun and we cannot wait to meet baby Alexander!!!
Hope you have a great week friends!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Put Me In, Coach!!!!

So on Tuesday David had his first Tee Ball game. I got there a little late because I was working but I met my sissy and her kids and my sweet in-laws there. It was sooo fun seeing all those boys running around in the cutest uniforms.
The picture above  is blurry but this was this morning when we arrived at Target at 8am yes you read this right 8 am for some hair dye and a Lego treat for this sweet baseball player. Don't worry he does have shoes for Tee Ball HA!
Have a great Wednesday friends!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Things that made me laugh today...

If you know me well you know I'm obsessed with Canada!!! I love everything about it. I love Canadians and have many Canadian friends..Ang, Kelly, Debbie, Nancy, Jane, Paula and soooo on. Ellen had this funny book on her show today and I could not stop laughing!! What's up Canadian friends is this really what happens in Canada??HA!

Oh and my fellow mama, nurse, neighbor, and blogger friend Katie has a peacock that roams her yard in our neighborhood. I have seen it once myself but she actually took these pics. So funny!

I'm getting better after a  head cold that ruined my morning plans for a home Scentsy show at a friend's home today but there is always tomorrow!!Have a great weekend friends!