Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sooo we're feeling good I mean. I was so excited to celebrate Father's Day  with my dad, my father in law and Albert. We had an awesome Mexican  dinner at Ninfa's (our kiddos fav restaurant). After lunch Albert told me to go ahead and do some California trip shopping SAY WHAT??? Yes, he totally ROCKS!!
The rest of the evening we hung out at Brushy Lakes pool. We are truly blessed this pool is right across our street!!!!This picture is of the kids section of the pool!! They love it!!
Hope your week is awesome sweet friends. BTW is anyone reading this???Leave me a comment  please~~~ mmmkaay

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrating Ashley~Hollywood~Daddy

It's been pretty busy around here... on Friday night we celebrated my sweet friend Ashley who is getting married next Saturday. She is one of our new nurses and is sweet as can be. We had a great time as we chatted and enjoyed some awesome Mexican food at Pappasito's. We even met Cash (her fiance)~~ super sweet guy. YES they will make some pretty babes!!!Congrats Ash!!!!
****Did not have my camera sooo I took this from Facebook HA!!****

I finally sat down and made a plan on what we will be doing next week in LA. In no particular order here it goes.... Hollywood one day, Disneyland the next, Newport Beach, Knottsberry Farms, and Universal Studios..and Uncle Mike!!!

Since tomorrow is Father's Day I found the only picture of my sweet Albert. Here he is with his sidekick Josh. I love Albert he is not only an awesome hubby he is a patient, kind and loving father to our babes. He is actually so sweet and has a way to make everything better. I LOVE YOU ALBERT NOW AND FOREVER!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poison Oak say what????

Sooo we had some awesome plans for this weekend when all of a sudden things turned around on Friday.
David had what looked like a viral rash to me and he had been running low grade fevers. I decided to call our doctor on Friday afternoon and he said he would rather have him seen that night or Saturday. So on Saturday  we got an appointment to be seen at 9:30. My BFF and her hub had been here the night before and were almost sure it was Poison Oak. Well they were correct and so treatment started that morning.  

We had an awesome lunch at Jason's then off to Walgreen's to buy all these lovely items...

We have had a not so typical Castro weekend~~ we missed Slade's first birthday party at the Tichenor's casa and the awesome graduation party for my nephew JR. Believe you me we were not happy campers. My sweet mom came by Saturday afternoon and took Mya to JR's party so that was a treat. Here is Mya playing doctor with her sweet patient David. UPDATE ON POISON OAK~~ sweet Albert bought all the sprays and things needed to kill that nasty plant!!!I hear it's a long process.

On a brighter note~~~I was feeling down, first because my sweet babes were sick and then for missing all the fiestas sooo.... Albert took us to do some late night shopping on Saturday night. Old Navy for the babes and Ulta for some new gloss for me. Have you tried Benefit's Ultra Shine lipgloss in So Frisk Me??? It's a must have!!!
Hope you have a great Sunday guys and an amazing week!!1

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June and July Scentsy news....

I have been sooo busy lately with playdates and work that I have made no time for my Scentsy gig. Here are some awesome warmers coming this summer.

This one is 10%off in June and paired up with Peach a la Mode will make any bar-b-que party a hit!!!

This one is on sale for July..... It's their Cupcake warmer with Happy Birthday scent. They are sooo cute and yes both will be making an appearance at my fiestas this summer.
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