Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TOMS and random things....

I have been cooking lately. No seriously I have. I called my SIL yesterday and as always she walked me through the easiest Chicken Spaghetti there is. The babes loved it!!!

Got two thumbs up from David.

The kiddos just got bikes and they are having a blast learning how to ride.

FREEBIRDS ANYONE????Oh.my.goodness coming to our town YAY!!!

As I arrived home this afternoon a sweet package was waiting for me. They were my TOMS I had ordered. These are my third pair of TOMS. I love them. They are not only cute but soooo comfortable.
In other news I have been attending Ladies Bible Study at our church. I love our class and our group of ladies is so diverse that we all learn so much from each other. I cannot wait to share more details about this class with you all.
Have a fab Tuesday lovelies!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Georgia and Texas swappin' it......

My sweet friend Meredith had her 3rd annual scarf swap this month. She is sooo sweet and has the sweetest spirit. Her boys are absolutley cute. I was so lucky to swap with Camila from Mattornety Life from Georgia. She sent me the cutest dark pink scarf. Sorry about the picture this is me after a 12 hour shift. My sweet 10 year old made me put lipstick on for color HA! 

I love the scarf and the Georgia peanuts she sent!

Apparently I have participated in some Mer's swaps. All I need is for Fall to come along!
Hope your Saturday was amazing friends!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jeans anyone????

Ok sweet friends I am over the moon excited about my Vault Denim party on Oct 2nd. For those of you near me please expect an evite. These are designer jeans for half the price. My friend Danette is part of this company and she will bring LOTS of jeans with her that day. You try them on and if you like them you take them home that day!!! So fun!

Soooo.. be on the look out and since I love to go all out I am having my Scentsy stuff out too for those of you who haven't tried my fall scents. Hope to see you soon!
Have a fab Thursday ya'll!!Please email me at chloec@peoplepc.com to be added to guest list.
Mmkay thanks!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Clog love and random things....

I finally got blogger to work for me today sooo this is late. I ordered the best working shoes the other day. They are Sanita clogs. They of course are not only comfortable but they are the cutest nursing shoes around. I have always worn tennis shoes for work but I decided with my back problems recently that I should invest in some GREAT shoes....and so I did!

Ok so you guys know how much I love Erin Condren products right?? I just noticed their Holiday Collection is out now and on sale. So go on and check out their holidays cards they are so darn cute!!!

Since today is a rainy day and I had nothing else to do but browse Pottery Barn's site for some fall ideas here is what I found.... this wreath I adore it!!! I would LOVE this to be on my front door just sayin'
Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun friends

Friday, September 16, 2011

sooo ready for Fall!!!

Ok ya'll I have tons of photos I wish I could show you but blogger is not my friend right now!!Here is a pic of my table, it is coming together nicely. I have actually added some other flowers ~~those pics coming later.

Here is sweet Dave with his little friend Brielle. They are so funny! I thought this picture would speak for itself~~yup she's in control already!!
I had the best lunch with sweet friends from work at The Cheesecake Factory today. Great food and great friends what could be better??Sweet Dave actually was sooo good during lunch he picked out a redbox movie on the way home. MIL is picking up babes this afternoon and I will go get a Shellac mani (can't wait). This evening it will just be Albert and I enjoying some peace and quiet!!
Have a great weekend sweet friends!!!
Don't forget check out my Fall Party on my website!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fall party info

Sooo friends I was going to host a home party for all my new Fall/Winter stuff but I decided to host an online party instead. I know everyone is busy and online shopping is so FUN!! Here's my website look for Fall Kick Off Party!! Anyway... if you would like for me to come to your home and you'd be the host you would get half off items and free products depending of your sales. It takes me 10 minutes to set up!!  Message me at chloec@peoplepc.com

Sunday, September 4, 2011

that's a wrap.....

Ok sooo you guys know how much I love Pioneer Woman right?Well I saw these  awesome wrap bracelets on her blog today and fell in love with them. The company is Calypso Studios. They are actually having a Labor Day sale this weekend. Type in laborday11 for 10%off friends. Yup that easy!!! I will be ordering some soon. Anyhow we had our awesome neighbors and friends over for dinner Saturday. It was sooo much fun!!I have to say we have some cool neighbors!

Friday, September 2, 2011

favorite blogs....

Ok sweet friends I don't know what's going on with blogger but I can't seem to load any pics. I wanted to link up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner for favorite blogs roll. Here it goes.....

 Kelly's Korner is probably on of my favorite ones. She is a sweet mother of two beautiful girls. Love her attitude and her advice about different things is great. How I wish I could load pictures her sweet family they are  adorable.
Merry and Bright's Tichenor Family is also one of my favs. Meredith is a sweet mom of two with a third babe on the way. She is an actual friend of mine. We've attended church together for years but until about a year ago have become good friends. She has the sweetest spirit and is so darn creative it's not even funny. I love her so much and my life is so much better because of her friendship.
Mattornety Life's Camila totally rocks. She is so awesome and her blog is all about how she does it all. She works and when she is off it's all about her sweet boys and hub. If we lived in the same town YUP we would be real friends. NUFF SAID!
Jackson's Lane's Jess is also a fav. We have actually met several times and we have become friends. She is soooo sweet. You know the person in the group that makes the night super awesome, yes that's Jess. She is a working mama who when she is off she spends quality time with sweet boy Jack. She is the life of the party and I know we will be good friends forever!!
Anyhow sweet friends I probably could go on and on about favorite blogs but I have to run!!
Love to Kerbi, Lili, Dana, Gina, and Kelsey, Allison you guys are totally my favs too!!!