Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canada 2012!!!

If you follow me on Intagram or Facebook you have seen all of these great pictures.

We were blessed to be able to visit our sweet friends in Nova Scotia, Canada. My sweet friend Angie's family live in a small village called St Peter's. That Saturday they had a local parade. The girls were part of a float and David rode on the fire truck. They had a blast.

Here is where they were setting everything up. My friend Angie's cousin Fonda and her family were soooo sweet to have us stay with them. Their house was amazing, it looked like a bed and breakfast with the Atlantic Ocean in the back.

Angje's family was soooo awesome they invited us on a boat adventure where Albert and the kids swam. The water was so cold but somehow Mya and Albert were able to handle it. YIKES!

Angie's sister in law was such a great host and we had a great meal on the boat.

Yes the Texans in the freezing cold lake with the Canadians. Please note I was NOT going in. They were lucky they got me on the boat HA!

Sweet Mya having a blast. That's Angie's dad such a sweet and kind man.

Apparently they don't have many Starbucks in Canada but my word these people have tons of Tim Hortons. It was truly good~~ loved the Fraps.

The Stone's home

Their back yard.

The Sampsons sure know how to cook them lobsters.

Best fish and chips for such are found in Canada. This one was in St. Peter's but we also had some in Halifax and oh my word they were awesome.

Paula my dear friend was our host in Halifax. This girl sure knows where to take us shopping. We had a great time with her and her sweet family. We toured Halifax and attended the local  Buskers festival sooo fun!!

Having lunch with Angie, Paula and sweet Matthew.

This sweet girl is Madison she's Paula's niece. We had a great time with them. Smith and Blake were her nephews and they were sooo fun to hang out with.

Peggy's Cove was so beautiful too. Here is our Christmas picture just a preview ya'll.

Our last day Paula took us over to visit our mutual friend Debbie's family. They were so incredibly sweet to us. We ate soooo much and had a blast in the water.

This flag pole greeted us when we arrived at the camp in Bridgewater on Thursday. Notice the Texas flag too. So amazing.

Yup this was the best vacation ever and Canadians sure know how to make people feel at home eh!!!