Saturday, February 26, 2011


Soooo with a heavy heart I am going on a much needed blogging hiatus....
I love blogging but with the selling and buying of our homes I would love to be more private. I love my followers and I will  miss it greatly.  I will not stop my tweets though so if you soooo MUST  know the in's and out's of the CRAZY C's please follow me on twitter (thecrazycastros).....
PEACE OUT until April friends!!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Junie B Jones, vintage garage sale

Sooo today was story book character day at school. Mya wanted to be Junie B of course....I worked Wednesday and Thursday so I was dreading Thursday night~~you know the 8p.m. run to Hobby Lobby or Party City after work YIKES!!!Well in comes my sweet friend Dawn who helped me plan Mya's outfit. Her daughter Emily loves to make bows and Dawn said I had to go by Thursday night for some bows. So we did and Emily made the bow in 2 seconds HOOLA!!!!The only thing I bought was the crazy socks for $2 YAY!!

Mya wanted her hair straight for the day.  I did it half asleep this morning at 6 am. Then I got the call from my sweet friend Meredith and she told me about an awesome vintage garage sale that a lady at church was having today. The proceeds were for HOPE for HAITI's children. I could not resist and so we went. I found some cute vintage girl dresses Emmy loved for her dolls, a nice turkey platter and some cookie cutters. I was so happy with new treasures. Then we were off to lunch where all the kiddos played. It was an amazing day. Now the babes are with my MIL and Albert and I are determined to make this house look good for Sunday. Hope your weekend is AWESOME!!!!
Almost forgot my sweet friend W is picking me up this limited edition MAC GAGA 2 lip gloss. Can't wait thanks girl!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Third Day- Revelation

So this song is sooo touching to me. We are in the middle of making HUGE decisions. Decisions on when to move, what house (you guys know which one we WANT!!), what school to put our babes in next year and so many other decisions...We are letting GOD do all the driving. We are scared, excited, happy, nervous, sad and so many other emotions in between. I feel so torn leaving our sweet CCA and starting new somewhere else. I think I know what he wants us to do but sometimes these doubts haunt me. I ask for prayer sweet friends in our decision making and for a clear picture on where he wants us to be...
I do apologize for going on and on about this house hunting adventure but I figure if you read this (two of you that do) you care about these Crazy Castros. Hope your Tuesday is great and I WILL keep you posted.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring styles

Not that I am a fashion DIVA by no means, but here are some things I found that are super CUTE!!
This silver jacket can be worn with jeans or can be dressed up for a night out!!!!

This skirt is so neutral you can wear it with just about any top, just sayin'

I am a Big Buddha purse fan and this color is perfect for the spring. 
Hope you all are having an awesome weekend. I am working Saturday and Sunday but should be fun in the baby factory. Still praying for the house we are getting closer I promise!!!
All these cute things found on PIPERLIME's website!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dotty (it's almost Easter)

Just found this picture of Scentsy warmer of the month for March. Jumpin' Jelly Bean's Dotty. It will be 10%off starting March 1st. This would be perfect for Easter or a baby shower gift just sayin'

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My name is Scentsy

Soooo girls on Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Scentsy event. I drove with my sweet friend Danette (my director). It was held at the Woodlands Marriott.  She had her 8 week old baby girl with her and she was so great. This baby stayed awake most of the day and did not make a sound.  This is Carolyn (Scentsy mama). If you ever need Scentsy advice this is your girl. She is so sweet!!!!!

We got there at about 1:30 and were able to check out all the new warmers and scents.

These lovelies will be available for sale in March.

Beautiful warmers. Scentsy is such an awesome company to work for. Scentsy is donating half a million dollars to the Breast Cancer Association from all the sales of the special breast cancer warmer. HOOLA!!!

They were so informative and so much fun.

Yes we got our groove on!!!!!

sweet baby girl with her jeggings!!!!

We all came home with an awesome kit. Lots of new warmers and scents!!!!

Love my Scentsy life!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day lovelies.
Today I was at work and had a great day. Ate lots of chocolate, and delivered a big baby girl...
who ironically had a severe heart condition. Her parents were so sweet and did not speak English. You know that feeling when it's all said and done you know it was a divine intervention that put you in that room with that patient, with that doctor and so on.....
YES it was one of those days almost a PERFECT one. BTW babe is doing just fine.

I have been wanting to make a cake or cupcakes but the time just flies.
I will do it this week!!!!I have everything I need just time would be nice.

Still waiting for that package from Neiman's.... yes it's still there poor Albert has not had a chance to go pick it up. Oh well, we have been a bit busy with the house hunting.

Have I told you guys how much I love my Albert. He is just like me but is so much more calmer than me. He knows what I want, when I want it and how!!!!!He is by far the best husband and daddy ever. I thought this picture said it all old couple with  flowers hanging out  in the city yup that's how I see us later in life.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

La Familia and church shoes

This weekend my hubby's family was visiting from out of town. It was sooo nice to see them and we had an awesome Mexican dinner at my in-laws favorite restaurant Las Rosas in Pearland.  We chatted and it was so much fun.

Ok so my sweet David has retired his Toy Story crocs for church and is now wearing his Converse. I don't know if this is appropriate church shoes but if it means no fighting with him on Sunday mornings ~~I'll take it.

They are mighty cute don't ya' think???
Have a great Sunday lovelies and please continue to pray for our home hunting adventure....It's looking good ya'll!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

two bloggers meet

So my sweet friend Meredith from Sweet T Family hosted a nail polish blog this week. I was her partner and so we met at Panera this morning for the swap and some chatting. She is such a sweet girl. Her two boys are the cutest little boys ever. Sweet David missed the meet up because he was under the weather. Emmy did her part in chatting and played with the boys. I did tell her today that I knew after following her blog forEVER I knew we would be great friends. This is my polish which I LOVE OPI's You Don't Know Jacque's~~~it is a perfect flirty color. Thanks Mer and thanks for hosting this SWAP!!!!
As for the Castros we are home shopping tomorrow once again SO EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Almost forgot all of my plug-ins are on sale for $13.50  and starting March 1st they will go up to $20. Message me or call me if interested;))))

Best friends and candle scent of month....

I found these pictures of last years Summer vacation in the hill country with my best friend's family.
I had to post this one of Emmy and her best friend ever Belle. They are like two old ladies...

Precious girl!!!

Don't worry Edelweiss (BFFE) she was just holding it for me RIIGHHT!!!!

So the scent the Castro casa is burning for Februaryy is Clean Breeze. It makes your MIL think your house is spotless HA!!!!Have a great Tuesday and please continue to pray for our house hunting adventure!!!!Don't worry you know me I'll keep you posted!!!!
Before I go, I did want to make a Valentine craft with the babes but where does the time go?????

Saturday, February 5, 2011

House hunting and some OPI

Ok friends sooo this is the formal dinning room of a model home that we are looking at. It is precious...It has just enough ORANGE to make any ORANGE loving girl happy. Even my hubby adored all the decor. Yes the guy showing us around said it was for sale. Aggie guy said WHAT???? And sooo we are seriously looking at this lovely home. I will keep you guys updated. Please send some prayers up for these crazy CASTRO'S we are sooo letting GOD do all the driving. We are also patiently waiting for a call to see if they would take our bid for another home. YIKES!!!
Before we went house hunting this morning I stopped at ULTA to purchase the nail polish for my polish swap. YES... my partner is my sweet blogger friend Meredith from Sweet T Family blog. I am actually meeting her on Tuesday to swap and chat!!!The new OPI Texas collection is sooo totally awesome. Hope your Saturday was fun and have a football kind of Sunday tomorrow.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl, Valentine and some Boom Boom Pow

I am not a big football fan but YES I do watch the Super Bowl every year!!Albert goes all out and makes all sorts of yummy food.
I am over the moon excited about the Black Eyed-Peas performing!!Yes this crazy mama knows every word to every one of their songs~~~I play it in my car and yes my three year old sings Boom Boom Pow like you would not believe;))
Sooo I always make a seven layer dip for Super Bowl. It is easy and fast to make. It is gone sooo quick because it is just yummy!!!click here for recipe.
I found this beautiful Vintage Valentine Party theme with the cutest ideas ever!!!Click on Kara's Party Ideas to view this awesome blog of cuteness!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Snow in TEXAS???Well friends looks like we have a great chance of snow on Friday. My kiddos are over the top excited. I have one more day to work and then off for four or five. YAY me!!!

My mom called me this morning and asked if she could keep Mya home today since it was sooo cold outside. I (mother of the year) said sure!!Mom says they baked and cooked yummy food all day. These lovely Mexican cookies (pan de polvo) are sooo easy to make and are the lightest yet yummy things you can have. Please don't judge but my children had a class in Mexican culinary arts today. What a blessing to have my sweet parents keep and teach my babes.Working tomorrow and then enjoying some fun that MIGHT include SNOW!!!