Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Blog, Tangled and Scentsy

Sweet friends today was a busy day to say the least. First stop was at my friend Ruth's house to start on our new upcoming blog.  It was mighty stressful in that we found we both were doing about 15 things at once. Enjoyed our lunch at Chick-Fil-A which was a treat since we have been trying to eat at home most days.  Then rushed home finished a Scentsy party order or two or three and then out to pick up Mya.  We then joined the sweet Hearne girls to watch Tangled. What an awesome movie!!!!

Got home cooked dinner while I entered a HUGE Scentsy party order. YAY me!!That was a big deal since it was a very big party.  Now I sit here typing and realized how calm everything is. Well except for the screaming kids in the living room. Got to go sweets!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jesus is the reason......

So I found this ornament as we were putting up our tree late last night. I actually stopped and looked at it closely.  I have no idea where I got it from but then I realized it was the most significant one on our tree. Sometimes we get sooo caught up in the things we want for Christmas and don't realize the true meaning. We are so grateful to how God is working in our lives. He has always been in our lives but my word we have been so richly blessed recently that we are just in awe of him. The cheapest ornament on my tree ended up  being the most meaningful.

I must admit our tree is not perfect but we always let our babes decorate it. It's all about watching them get excited about helping us.

Sweet Emmy

And sooo here it is our tree a little off centered but perfect in our eyes.

I want.....

So I worked 12 hours today. I must say it was an awesome day. Great friends, funny stories and yes Peppermint Mocha's for all.  Sweet A surprised me by putting up all the lights. He cooked one of my favorite meals to make it the perfect ending to a busy weekend. Off to school for Mya tomorrow, homeschooling the babes and yes HOUSEWORK!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season!!!!

This morning was an eye opening moment for me. I opened my eyes and realized how dirty my house was. So then we gave ourselves two hours to clean. We all cleaned even the babes. After cleaning we got dressed and off to meet my sweet friend Ramona for a closing of her Scentsy party.

My sweet Dave he had to sneak in a nap

They do love each other you know


Sweet girls

Just realized my new burban had these things YAY!!

Here is Sean cutting our famous Castro Arbol de Navidad

Sooo daddy decided to go all out and so he did!!!Now I'm off to decorate the tree. Tomorrow back to work YAY!!! Nice break that will be HA!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

P F Chang's and Toms

So my sweet Albert braved the cold and rain and found these awesome sandals at Cavender's
for only $30 bucks. I know it is cold now but there is nothing wrong about early shopping for the next season.  He left the house at 4:00am and got some other great deals.

After his shopping spree he picked us up and out to P F Chang's we went. I love this place. Got an awesome gift card from a very generous friend and so lunch was even better :)))

Emmy enjoying her second dessert

My sweet Mya she loves her chocolate

After a trip to Katy Mills we made a very special stop. Saw my best friend Edelweiss and her sweet baby Brielle. I love the Hearne's they are soooo special to us.

Just as special are her famous Lemon Bars. She has agreed to make a guest appearance on our upcoming blog to make something special for you guys. She is so talented and loves to bake and cook.

Well since I am a copycat I will give credit where credit is due. My sweet blog-friend Meredith form Sweet T Family Blog has talked about TOMS before.  I must agree they are not pretty shoes but boy are they comfy. The best part each time someone buys a pair a needy child will get a pair of new shoes. So nice to be able to give!!

Well we had a busy day and I'm off to warm up leftovers.
Love you guys!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

My sweet babes
Getting ready to eat
Table setting ready
Desserts Galore
After lunch coffee YUM!
Lunch was awesome full of turkeys, ham, and all the sides.  We somehow ended up with tons of desserts YAY!!
What a blessing to spend time with family and friends. Did miss being at work a bit WHAT??? Well you see in L and D there is always a huge spread too I mean HUGE. Hope all my second family at work had a blessed day at the baby factory. Hugs and kisses

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Where can I start???We are so very blessed. Our health, our family, our sweet friends. Today was a great day. Got manicure and pedicure then met up with two of my dearest friends Paula and Monica. I had not seen Paula in over a year but the conversation picked up as if we had never been apart. She's one of my favorite Canadians. Cannot wait to visit her in Nova Scotia next fall. Monica who we call "mama" was being herself gotta love her. Came home and yes sweet friends I baked pumpkin pies. My sweet babes helped. I have started this tradition in honor of Mrs. Barrera (my sister-in-laws mom) she makes them every year.  Once again I am so blessed with an awesome group of friends and family. 
Love and Blessings!!!