Tuesday, January 17, 2012

one thousand gifts

Hello friends I have not blogged in forever, I know. I have been busy and dealing with some anxiety issues. I hate to tell you but this is ME! I hate changes and there are lots of things going on at work due to our upcoming move to our new building. I grab hold of something and just dwell on it. It consumes me. If you have never dealt with anxiety oh bless you friend! I am doing better and each day is getting better. I got up early today dropped off the girls at school ( they normally take the bus but Mya needed to be there earlier today) and so my day began....
I then grabbed my DECAF Skinny Vanilla (no diet cokes for days now yay) on the way to Ladies Bible Study! I sat in the chapel waiting to be dismissed to our assigned classes and wondered if this class was truly for me
Becoming a Woman of Simplicity??? Do I belong in this class, would people like me, do I talk too much in class?? All those doubts were in my head. As I'm walking to my class our teacher reaches over to me and says "Helen Castro?" (they call me Helen at church you guys not Maria ) loooong story.
I said YES! She says I remember meeting you two Sundays ago at church~~ I just looked at her like oh yes suuuure!!Then she started talking and going over everything about our class. YES I belong here! She mentioned this book and I just two minutes ago ordered it!! Friends so sorry to keep it real but this is who I am. If you guys pray please send out a special prayer for me and our whole new hospital and everyone that will be working there!! We need all the prayers we can get!!
on a brighter note sweet babes are all great~they are my life and sweet Albert is great too!!
until next time!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photo a day January!!!

Well friends here I am way behind on Photo A Day challenge. So Day 4 was a letterbox I have no clue what that is so I skipped right over to Day 5 Something You Wore
So I thought my awesomeness shoes that I wear to work would be it! These shoes are not only so darn cute they carry me everywhere I go at work. I have cried, laughed, comforted patients, joked with coworkers all with these shoes. They have been with me when I feel happy, when I feel anxious, when I have a great day or a not so great day! They also protect my posture and don't hurt my legs YAY!
Day 6 is Makes Me Smile~~ the happiness on Albert's face when he got playoff tickets priceless (literally) HA!!

Day 7 Favourite~~ The Hunger Games series, I am soooo loving it! I am a slllloooowww reader though but I will get it done I promise!
Have a great Saturday friends and GO TEXANS!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo a day~~January challenge!!!

Well I have been off blogger for a while now so I decided to come back with a bang....My sweet friends Haley and Meredith posted this on their blogs and since I am a follower I decided to join!!!

Here's a picture of me with my sweet hubs. I don't really have any pictures of me by myself which is kind of weird.

Day 2 was breakfast~~believe or not folks I try to eat healthy in the mornning HA!Check out the HEB brand Activia yogurt! Yes girls once you turn 35 your gut is out of control seriously!

Day 3 holds three pics of who I ADORE!! Sweet Emmy!


my Mya!!!
Hope you join in on the fun and go to Meredith's blog to link up. I don't know how to use the link up thing sorry~~ but you can go here The Tichenor Family blog!!