Friday, June 22, 2012

the never ending post

This summer has been busy ya'll,. sorry about the very late post. Lots of sleepovers, lots of staying up late and lots of fun!!!

Mya is part of the Sharks~~ it's our neighborhood swim team. She loves it and I love that she truly enjoys it!!

David has changed his name ~~now his name is Spiderman.....

Work is getting better. It seems we are all getting adjusted to all the changes. I did start some therapy for my anxiety. As most of you all know I have suffered from anxiety for years. It comes and goes. I have been through therapy before and I love the Houston Center for Christian Counseling. They are so good in treating all sorts of issues. The stress of the  new building to me felt like I was a brand new nurse and I just needed some help. I feel sooo much better!!!

Don't you love a great deal!! Got all this for about thirty bucks. YAY!!

Love our sweet friends and some summer watermelon.
anddddd...... friends my dream in life has been to visit Canada. We are planning a trip to Nova Scotia in August I could cry but I won't I will smile and enjoy!!!

Visiting my sweet friend Paula in Halifax and meeting my friend Angie's family in St John's so excited. YIIIIPPPEEEE!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mya on youtube....

My sweet girl is on youtube. Click on link below and like my sweet girl. Thanks friends!!!