Thursday, May 24, 2012

All we have to do is wait......

Dear friends yesterday was a day of great news. We are soooo excited that Mya is doing great in school now. I received an email yesterday from her teacher stating she will pass to 5th grade. See friends Mya was in private school  for 8 years. This past school year she started at our neighborhoods public school. She is soooo smart and we were blown away with how her grades were dropping. We joined with her teachers and her tutor and had a plan. Our plan was to help her as much as we could. The school system did a great job in joining forces too. This was so frustrating to me. The thing that ran through my mind the most was WHY?? The only thing I can think of was how different the schools were. I will never say anything bad about our little private school just that it was totally different. Mya has learned to adjust and has made incredible new friends. I do have a big meeting today so keep praying but I know everything will be just fine.
On another note looks like my mom will close on her house next week. I know it's not final but it's getting there. So excited for them!!!!
Our sweet neighbors the Stuber's had some great news too. Looks like daddy Stuber will be able to stay in H-town instead of leaving the family for a year. He is in the army. We have been praying really hard on this one. They are soooo sweet and have two sets of twins. So yay, yay, yay for that!!!!
So these things above have been heavy on my heart for months. We prayed and continue to pray. I know it's hard to wait on the Lord but it is HIS timing not ours. As humans we want it now and not later right?? Well I believe God leads us and helps us through it all. Sometimes our prayers are not answered but he always has a reason. All we have to do is wait......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celebrating our Christmas baby in May!!!

Our sweet Emmy is a December babe as many of you may know. Due to our busy schedule in December we never got around to celebrate her with a party. We took her to dinner and got her gifts but didn't have a party. All she talked about was a Tangled party.... we quickly began planning a party for her last week. Somehow it all came together. With the help of my neighbors the Stuber's we pulled it off. They kept her and David while we set up the place. Oh and at 1:30 pm  I asked her what she wanted for her party in December and she said all I want is a bouncy house. A WHAT????Seriously it was 1:30pm the party was at four so I quickly called my former neighbor who has a bouncy house biz and he hooked us up. Bouncy house arrived at 3:30pm. Whoa that was close!!

We had our family and friends come celebrate this sweet girl who did not expect anything but got it all~~~~Love you sweet Emmy!!!
Have a great Wednesday friends

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I'm Loving.....

 This Loreal Clinical Repair 10 is incredible. I have definitely noticed a difference.
this new blush is super fun.. it goes on as a cream but feels like a velvety powder on.

This BB cream is awesome too.

this NYC lipgloss has become one of my favorites~~ I found it at HEB and it goes on so smoothly and stays on. It comes in all sorts of fun colors!!!
Have a great Wednesday friends.