Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sperry's are my spring shoes

So my sweet friend Mer posted a coupon code for some Sperry's the other night and I thought well I do need some shoes for the coming season so why not!! So I placed my order and these cuties are on their way to mi casa soon. I wish I could be more adventurous and order some cute orange ones but NO!! I'm pretty bland HA! I figured these would work for me.
On another note the hair thing worked out she was such a sweet lady and now she will be coming to two other friend's homes to do their hair. That was such a funny thing, I never thought I would find a hair stylist at HEB, so funny!!
This morning my friend Dawn invited me over for authentic Huevos Rancheros that her former nanny is famous for. They were oh sooo yummy!!!We ate and had some great conversation!!
So things are finally falling into place. My sweet Mya is doing great in school. Her tutor is sooo great with her we are truly blessed to have met her. Her teachers are also so awesome. My sweet parents sold their home.... well they will close soon!! What a blessing they sold it in three days. About a year ago we started the plan on getting this house for us that has a secondary master downstairs just for them and we knew God's hands were on this the whole time. We are sooo beyond blessed to have them with us.
We are awaiting my family from Idaho today. I have not seen them in years so it should be fun. Yes peeps this little Hispanic girl in Texas has family in Idaho. It's kind of funny when I tell people, they look at me funny!!!
Have a blessed Thursday friends!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Found a hair stylist at HEB....

Ok so this was the funniest thing. I dyed my hair a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to try a new color. So there I was at HEB looking for a color and I noticed a stylish tiny little lady. Her hair was perfect and she looked really cute. I asked her if she could recommend a color for me. She said absolutely I'm a hair stylist myself, say what??? She offered to come dye and style my hair I thought sure why not.... WAIT, it gets better. So I asked how much for style and color? She said $35;)) so yes peeps I'm waiting on her now, she's on her way!! I'll let you know how I end up HA!!
My parents are with me just in case she is crazy;))
Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

things i'm loving.....

I love this frame I found on etsy.....

If you come to my house this is what you'll be smelling yum!!!Blueberry Cheesecake!!

this cute outfit would be perfect for a outdoor picnic just sayin'

and since I dyed my hair at home for the first time last month I figured I'd try this one. I've heard lots of people talking about it's great results.

Ha!! I'm making a pretty big change in my career and I thought this sign says it all!! More on the  annoucement later. It is something that I've been thinking about lately and I feel so at peace with my decision.
Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter ideas...

 I found this picture and thought it would look lovely on my table.

I saw Tori Spelling on The Today Show this morning and on the View. She has this amazing book about low budget decorating. I have always been a fan of Tori's and love her sweet kind of crazy family.

These cupcakes are so cute I would not want to take a bite, well maybe:/
We are planning a neighborhood party on Saturday with an Easter egg hunt we are sooo excited!!!
This past Sunday we celebrated Easter at church for us because I'm working Easter sunday. Pictures to come. Don't get me wrong we will celebrate at work too!! We always know how to party!! On another note I missed LBS today, we had some painters coming to our home so its been a pretty relaxing day for David and I.  Have a great Tuesday friends.