Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank You!!

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears I can't help but to get emotional. I am soooo thankful to our sweet Lord for all his blessings. Don't get me wrong I don't want to appear as if things are perfect around here because they are not. We will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary tomorrow. I was blessed to marry my sweet best friend. He knows me better than anyone. Although I am an open book he is the only one in this world who knows the "real" me. We have been through so much together. The ups and downs of Crohn's disease that include severe flare ups, dehydration, headaches, and many hospital and office visits. When you are going through it you just go with the flow and pull yourself together for each other. We have been through a hurricane that changed our lives for ever. It was life changing for the better although again when in the midst of it you  break down, feel defeated and just wonder WHY??? We learned to lean on God for our big and small decisions. We learned to lean on each other and to dream BIG!!! We have been blessed by three amazing kiddos. They are incredibly beautiful in every way. Our parents have blessed us sooo much too. They have always believed in us and somehow when things seem like they are falling they know exactly what to say. Our siblings are our mentors and confidants. Our rocks!! When we fall they pick us up when we are flying they fly with us!!!
My goodness what can I say about my friends at work who are like family, my sweet friends at church and our dear good old encourage us, you laugh with us, you cry with us and more importantly you believe in our sweet family. Thank you for everything!!!
I have learned that life is a roller coaster but when you have God on your side there is always hope, grace, and love at the end of the ride.
I know this is long but I just wanted to say Thank YOU!!! Thank you for reading our little blog and to getting to know us.
Have a great week friends!!!


  1. Hope u have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. You are so sweet. Do you have Crohn's, or your husband? Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Wendi ~~ my sweet hubs does its been 9 yrs!! Doing well getting infusions every 5 weeks ;))

  3. Happy, happy thanksgiving!! XOXOXO!!